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Is it free to use Bookmate AI?

Even though using AI models to suggest tailored books is costly, Bookmate AI is completely free to use, so you can find the perfect book for you without spending any money. You can support me and the project by buying books through our affiliate links, or by donating through this link!

What is Bookmate AI?

Bookmate AI is a web app that uses a LLM (Large Language Model) to recommend books tailored to an individual's interests and feelings.

How does Bookmate AI work?

Bookmate AI uses text-davinci-003, a GPT-3 LLM by OpenAI, that thanks to a complex input algorithm recommends books that you will love. The algorithm takes into account your interests, preferences and feelings and provides you with a book tailored to you.

Will Bookmate AI recommend books that I have already read?

If you have already read a book that is recommended to you, you can easily exclude it from the list by pressing the button in the top right corner.

What can I do if I found a bug or I have some feedback?

If you have any feedback, send me a message on Twitter, I read them all!

Why did you create Bookmate AI?

I created Bookmate AI to provide an easier and more efficient way for readers to find the perfect book for them. I was looking for something tailored to my interests and preferences, and so I had the idea of using AI to solve my problem.

How often does Bookmate AI update its recommendations?

Thanks to the LLM that Bookmate AI uses, nearly every book written up to December 2021 is a possible suggestion. This means you can always find new books that match your interests and preferences.

What type of books can I find on Bookmate AI?

You can find a wide variety of books on Bookmate AI, ranging from fiction to non-fiction, from classic works to modern bestsellers.

Is Bookmate AI available on mobile devices?

Yes, Bookmate AI is available on both iOS and Android devices through any web browser, so you can access it no matter where you are. At the moment, saved books are device-dependent, so you don't need to create an account. Soon, I will open up the possibility of creating accounts, so you can access your reading list from any device!