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Hey! I'm Luca, an 18-year-old startup founder and indie hacker from Venice, Italy. I love tech and books, and I'm the guy behind Bookmate AI. I created this platform to provide an easier and more efficient way for readers to find the perfect book for them.

Growing up, I was an avid reader. I loved to explore the world of books and get lost in the stories and characters.

But, as I grew older, it became harder to find the right book for me. I would spend hours browsing through different reading lists, but nothing seemed to click. I was looking for something tailored to my interests and preferences.

That's when I had the idea of using AI to solve my problem. I created Bookmate AI, a web app that uses a LLM (Large Language Model) to recommend books tailored to an individual's interests and feelings. Now, I can easily explore the world of books without spending hours searching through different reading lists . I can just pick up a book and get lost in the story.

At the heart of the web app lies text-davinci-003, a GPT-3 LLM by OpenAI, that thanks to a complex input algorithm recommends books that you will love.

If you have already read a book that is recommended to you, you can easily exclude it from the list by pressing the button in the top right corner.

I'm also working on a couple more products, and if you like Bookmate, you'll love them! Make sure to give me a follow to stay in the loop 💪! I hope you have a wonderful time exploring the world of books with Bookmate AI!

And if you have any feedback, send me a message on Twitter, I read them all!
- Luca